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International Training and Research Center for the Restoration and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

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The beating heart of Valore Italia is the Botticino School of Restoration, one of the top schools for restoration at a national level. The Scuola di Botticino provides a Master course for Restorers of Cultural Heritage and from the academic year 2022 it will have a new location in Milan, the perfect place to teach in an increasingly innovative way, placing at the center of learning direct intervention on the work of art.

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The Masterclasses represent a new way of training. A new way of learning the subjects of design and architecture and in general the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, with particular attention to the themes of innovation and the circular economy.

Super Lab is a constantly evolving platform in which new generation professionalism takes shape. A place in which to discuss and plan contemporaneity and related themes, involving intellectuals from the world of design and art, philosophy and science, professions and skills of social innovation with the aim of building a vision of the future by defining the philosophical and ethical foundations of a more aware society.

“Cultural heritage is a reservoir of meaning and identity for our country, which is why we must preserve and enhance it "

Angelo Crespi, Scientific Coordinator Valore Italia

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Valore Italia can count on a series of partnerships with prestigious institutions.

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