Registration and Admission tests

Registration and Admission tests



Candidates must be in possession of:

  • a five-year diploma (or four-year plus one additional year) of Higher Secondary Education,
  • a declaration of good psycho-physical health, with reference to the activities that the path involves

Access to the course takes place through a selection of technical and theoretical aptitude test.
The tests are aimed at ascertaining knowledge, skills and adequate operational aptitudes to successfully support the training course.



There are two alternative test sessions *:

  • March 2023.
  • May 2023.
  • September 2023.



Any recognition of incoming credits from other courses will be carried out by a special Commission appointed by the Director of the School on the basis of the documentation submitted by the student, the assessments and any checks carried out. Equivalent training activities consistent with the specific PFP are admitted for recognition, therefore the teaching programs and laboratory activities developed will be promptly examined, with respect to both the phases and the objects of the interventions.
However, candidates must take and pass the admission tests provided for the five-year course for Restorers of cultural heritage.
The School has prepared a special form for the request for recognition – downloadable here – which must contain the data of the applicant, the PFP of reference, the name of the path and of the provider as well as the description of the individual exams / training activities covered by the request, for the evaluation of recognisable credits it is essential to indicate the amount of attendance.
The summary sheet must be accompanied by the relevant certifying documents issued by the provider of the course and the detailed programs that must specify, in particular for the laboratories, the activities carried out and the object of intervention.
The completed and signed credit recognition request form must be sent to the school secretariat before the start of the course by scanning at For the delivery of the original and the attached documents, it is advisable to contact the secretariat to define the appropriate methods. In the event that some of the attestation documents, issued by the providers, are not immediately available, they can be delivered later.



The first year will start in October 2023 and will end July 31 2024.