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Valore Italia is a dynamic and interdisciplinary, innovative and experimental place, where it is possible to study the new methodologies to be applied to the restoration, conservation and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage, useful for training future restorers and experts who will have to take on the task of this protection.
The first area of intervention is training: the beating heart is the Botticino School of Restoration.

The Botticino School of Restoration was founded in 1974 as a regional school and was, along with the ICR (Central Institute for Restoration) of Rome and OPD (Opificio delle Pietre Dure) of Florence, one of the first schools for restoration at a national level. Following the regulatory changes, it is now recognised by the MIUR and MIC Ministries for the provision of a Master’s Degree course in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

From the 2022 academic year, the Botticino School will have a new headquarters in Milan, the perfect place to expand the scope of action, in addition to traditional restoration subjects, to new areas of contemporary, design and craftsmanship. The Botticino School of Restoration will have its headquarters in a building in the new complex of MIND (Milan Innovation District), the district of Science, Knowledge and Innovation that occupies the Expo Area.
The innovative workshops of the Botticino School are located in the building in via Cosenz 54, a strategic location in the Bovisa Design District, the Milanese district dedicated to innovation, technology and creativity.

Yes, the school organises the Restoration Orientation Module, to facilitate an informed choice through knowledge of the issues of the subject, the various professional figures, the training courses, as well as to verify their aptitudes with respect to the main operational skills.
The attendance of the module is strongly recommended for candidates to prepare for the admission tests to the courses.

Access to the course takes place through a preliminary selection with technical and theoretical aptitude tests. The tests are aimed at ascertaining the knowledge, skills and operational aptitudes adequate to successfully support the training course.
Candidates must be in possession of:

  • a five-year diploma (or four-year plus one additional year) of Higher Secondary Education,
  • a declaration of good psycho-physical health, with reference to the activities that the path involves.

Please contact info@valoreitalia-is.it

The course qualifies for the profession and issues a qualification equivalent to the LMR/02 master’s degree.

The Botticino School of Restoration places at the center of learning the direct intervention on the works and practical activities for an external client, in equipped technical-professional laboratories and in real work contexts. ‘On the job’ learning activities are carried out as training opportunities and opportunities to facilitate access to the labor market and enter into relationships with people that are involved in the production chain.
The training plan offers three periods of internship training at prestigious and relevant companies in the sector.

Valore Italia offers students who come from outside Milan accommodation at controlled prices, again in the housing context of Cosenz 54, which already operates as a student residence. In a college premises where the various functions, school and housing, are designed to offer greater comfort.

Valore Italia and the Botticino School have decided to add a facility system to help students with the didactic and laboratory part of the course.
A series of scholarships are offered, supported by important Milanese institutions that will allow, on the basis of merit and income criteria, to access free or semi-free courses at the school.
The fees policy of the Botticino School, in line with the values of the Enaip Lombardia Foundation, is aimed at allowing access to training for any student, regardless of income bracket.

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