of Valore Italia

The first area of intervention is training. The beating heart of the Training and Research Center is the Botticino Restoration School, which was awarded by the Enaip Lombardia Foundation to the new legal entity established in 2019 and called Valore Italia.

methodological approach


Study and research

The study of new material, new technological scientific investigation and innovative intervention techniques on the work of art in an eco-sustainable way.


Conservation of heritage

Preventative and planned interventions of the cultural heritage to reduce the risks of decay and limit the economic resources used in the most expensive and occasional restoration interventions.



The study and implementation of innovative technologies related to digital manufacturing, modelling and three-dimensional survey, making the city of Milan a pioneering experience in the development of so-called Fablabs.



The conservation and restoration of works of contemporary art and design objects, once again a sector of excellence and specificity in the Lombardy region and a distinctive international feel.

of Restoration

Higher training courses in the field of enhancement, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.

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