Partnership e Partner

Andrea Cancellato

Head of Federculture

“We imagine culture as a new Italian “welfare”, that is, the key element of our community life and the cohesion of our country, the most important factor of our formation and our recognition.”

Federculture is a unique reality on the national scene. It was founded in June 1997 with 13 founding members. Today it is the association that represents the most important cultural companies in the country, together with Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, and all public and private entities involved in the management of services related to culture, tourism, and leisure.

Through the network of its members and institutional partners with whom he interacts, Federculture affirms and supports the role of the company in the management of cultural assets and activities as a factor of progress in the sector.

Federculture, as the holder of the first National Collective Labour Agreement specifically for workers in the cultural, tourism, environmental and sports sectors, is a trade union. The Federation promotes its dissemination as a fundamental tool for the efficient organization of businesses, for the growth of professions and the improvement of cultural offerings.

The Federation is active in the promotion of culture and its fruition and accessibility to all citizens, as a sign of national identity and a resource for social growth and economic development of the territories.