Partnership e Partner

Paolo Marcesini


“Restoration is the time that rediscovers truth and beauty.
This is why the future will only exist if we know how to restore it”

The circular economy is not a hypothesis of the future, but the only possible future.

Italia Circolare is the editorial project that enhances, tells and communicates the Made in Italy of sustainability and the Circular Economy and its social, economic, cultural and educational impact.

Waste transformed into opportunity concerns the whole system of relationship between production, services and consumption; work, training, production chains, energy, secondary raw materials, soil, design, living, building, logistics, materials, retail, packaging, waste, research science, bio-economy, food, the right to reuse and repair, sharing, human and animal welfare.

Talking about Circular Economy means talking about everything.

The objective of Italia Circolare is to create a network of “active” relations between territories, public institutions, companies, trade unions, incubators, clusters, universities and national and international research centers in order to spread good practices and the development of ‘Circular Economy’.