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Mario Turetta

General Director

“The Management supports and directs an intense research and training activity in the field of conservation and restoration, defining and directing privileged lines of action, both nationally and internationally, and promoting an extremely effective model, that combines research, training and practical activity”

Ministry of Culture – Directorate-General for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes

The Directorate-General for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Culture carries out functions and tasks of coordination, elaboration and evaluation of education, training and research programmes in the fields pertaining to the Ministry. In particular, it approves a three-year plan of the training, research and self-assessment activities of the central and peripheral offices.
The coordination of four institutes is also fundamental: the Central Institute for Restoration, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, the Central Institute for Pathology of Archives and Books, where the Schools of Higher Education and Study (SAFS) operate for the Training of Cultural Heritage Restorers, and the Central Institute for Graphic Design.