Partnership e Partner

Elisabetta Galasso

AD Open Care

“For years we have been committed to supporting the training of restorers and other professionals related to the management of artistic heritage. We are pleased to be able to contribute to a project that has important objectives and involves relevant institutional partners. Actions and initiatives to protect the Italian artistic heritage will be a key element for the development of our country in the years to come.”

Open Care – Art Services is the only company in Italy to offer integrated services for the conservation, management and enhancement of art work and art collections with in-house staff. It has vaults, exhibition spaces and laboratories for the restoration of art works of any nature, technique and era, and a network of experts for assessments and advice on art. Open Care is organised into four departments: Art Advisory, Conservation and Restoration, Vault and Logistics for Art. The Department of Conservation and Restoration of Open Care includes several workshops organised according to specific areas of specialisation that work in synergy to preserve and restore not only works of art and collectables of any kind, but also the buildings that house them. Open Care works on decorated surfaces of architecture, paintings on canvas and wood, contemporary art, ceramics, glass and metals, books, papers, photographs, archival goods, wooden and modern furniture, tapestries, textiles and leather, carpets, ancient scientific tools. It specialises in preventive conservation and scheduled maintenance of individual assets and complex artistic heritages, offers condition report activities and technical consultancy during museum installations and temporary exhibitions.