Partnership e Partner

The partners
of the Valore
Italia project

Institutional partners of Valore Italia are above all the competent Ministries of University and Research (Miur) and of Culture (MIC), which in 2013 recognised the Botticino School of Restoration and accredited its degree courses; a protocol of understanding was also signed with the MIC to develop a project in partnership with Hangar Bicocca on the theme of contemporary art.
Secondly, a framework agreement was established with the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan for the recognition of the public function of Valore Italia training center. The protocol defines access to the right to study and sets out the methods and places in which the services will be provided.
Furthermore, a strategic plan was formalised with the Triulza Foundation for all the activities connected with the Third Sector realities in order to launch specific joint development projects.

Valore Italia then signed synergistic agreements with: