The promoters of Valore Italia srl are the Enaip Foundation and the Umana Forma

Alessandro Tarpini
Enaip Lombardia Director

Enaip Foundation

The Enaip Lombardia Foundation, a training institution founded in 1951, is one of the most important institutions in the Lombardy region and on the national territory and has 27 accredited operational offices for the provision of education and professional training services, including the School of Restoration Botticino, and 22 offices accredited for the provision of services at work. Every year it offers training activities to around 25,000 people.
For seventy years it has been working for the professional and civil development of people, for the recognition of equal opportunities at work and in society, for the social integration of those most exposed to the risk of marginalisation, for the growth of territorial economies and the production system, in relationship with local institutions, and finally for the development of the Third Sector and social organisations. Always having among its principles the individual, leadership in the community, enhancement of work as a tool for participation in the growth of society, development of the principles of democracy, solidarity and subsidiarity.

Giuseppe Venier
Umana Forma

Umana Forma

Umana Forma, an accredited body for continuous and higher education in various Italian regions and companies of the Umana Group, works to support companies and people, planning and implementing professional and personal growth paths with the aim of guaranteeing employability through continuous development. Since 2001 it has responded to the training needs of companies, designing and implementing personal and professional growth paths. Umana Forma has always believed in the individual and offers real tailor-made training, allowing for continuous improvement and professional updating.
By involving on average over 40,000 learners on 4,500 courses every year, Umana Forma is one of the main national players in training. Thanks to a staff of over 70 training professionals, it monitors the opportunities for its clients offered by the main inter-professional, European and regional funds, proposing suitable solutions for every situation and structure. The service offered starts with a careful phase of needs analysis and planning the necessary path to take, after the delivery and management of the courses, up to the final reporting phase. Umana Forma promotes innovation and experimentation projects, in order to adapt its training proposals to constantly evolving needs and provide updated content, enhancing participation and interaction in order to strengthen the active role of each individual.
In order to offer an excellent service in the field of higher education, in 2005 Umana Forma created “Hi Formazione”: a division dedica ted to the creation of courses for managers, through experience.